Stop Throwing Manpower at Technology Problems

Technology keeping you from reaching your market?

Advanced Technology Ecosystem

You need security, cloud, mobile, big data, and a host of other technologies all running in harmony. Existing technology ecosystems are typically grown one piece at a time, requiring armies of manpower just to keep them running. At DeSeMa we believe that technology should enable business objectives to be realized faster. Our ecosystem is designed for real world business and built to deliver real time agility.

Cognizant Artificial Intelligence

Technology systems are growing exponentially complex. People are no longer able to keep up with the complexity and interconnected nature of a modern technology ecosystem. DeSeMa uses a new form of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning called Cognizant Artificial Intelligence or CAI (kā). CAI can automatically detect system issues, create custom repair actions on the fly, and prevent issue from initially occurring or ever recurring. With advanced integration throughout our technology ecosystem CAI can observe what impacts its actions have and modify its own behavior based on outcome. Put simply, if the outcome of an action improves its objective, CAI is more likely to perform similar actions in similar circumstances. Likewise, CAI will not repeat a failed or ineffective action in a circumstance it has experienced. CAI emulates the world’s best security & operations teams, while moving at machine speeds.

Cognizant Artificial Intelligence - Beyond Mere Recognition

Don’t just identify a problem and apply a static action.

Cognizant Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with Competitive Self-Evolving Code powers our solution.


Automatically identify even minor issues

 as they appear.


Improve issue resolution methods on the fly with no human intervention.


Record conditions around an issue and 

repair components before an issue can strike.

We the Founders

Mark Neuhausen - CEO

Chief Technologist - HP Enterprise

Global IT Operations Lead - Amazon

Technology Angel Investor- Keiretsu

Timothy Mitchell - CTO

Chief Security Architect - DOD Nuclear JTF

Global Director of InfoSec - Microsoft

Vice President - IEEE Security council

The Six Pillars of IT Perfection

Killer Performance

The CAI engine optimizes application performance and provides dashboards with component times that inform developers where performance should be improved.

Unmatched Reliability

Each logical datacenter is N+2.

Each physical zone is 3 logical datacenters.

Each layer is in 3 geo-distributed zones.

27 concurrent failures to stop an application.

Continual Compliance

All applications are kept fully compliant at all times. Audit reports for SSAE-16, SOX-404, HIPAA, and PCI are always available for your current environment at the click of a button.

Unbound Mobility

Mobile, BYOD, and corporate devices are integrated and managed as part of the environment. Connected anywhere is just like being connected at work.

Adaptive Security

The CAI engine constantly observes applications and automatically blocks unusual activity or connections. Access can also be limited by location or other needs. 

Flexible Scalability

CAI automatically detects and predicts changes in application demand. It proactively increases or reduces resources as needed, reducing unused capacity and energy costs.


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